Tuesday, 30 July 2013

...beach bloggy.......

....last week the squirrel met a 
...yes ada bea and her lovely family
came to dorset for their hols...
....and stayed just up the road!
we met on the beach after watching
the incredible red arrows
performing for the lyme regis 
lifeboat week...
it was so lovely to meet the real person
behind the blog...
and of course there was much to chat about...
...and lots of things in common....
time flew by as we sipped our coffees
on big pink beanbags overlooking the bay...
....so thank you ada for a lovely link-up
and for being my new beach bloggy buddy!


  1. I love it when real life connects blogland...EE xx

  2. How lovely! I would love to met Ada Bea too! Oooh and your good self! Isn't blogging a lovely friendly place to be.....Happy new week, Miss squirrel.Hugs Maria x

  3. How fab! It's so lovely to meet other bloggy peeps in person, isn't it.
    Have fun at the beach :-)

  4. oh how lovely!i love ada, how wonderful that you got to meet each other xx

  5. Oh how lovely, I do wish I was nearer to Dorset, think nearly all my blogging friends are there!!! X

  6. Oh Sweetie, it was the best cup of coffee I've had in a while, great to meet you and yes, lots in common, it was good to meet up! And thanks again for my super gift, I will treasure it forever! :) x

  7. It is lovely when you can meet new friends especially ones that you have been corresponding with.
    Julie xxxxxxxx


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