Thursday, 11 July 2013

.....lesley waters kitchen cafe....... can't get better than
 a 'kwik fit' fitter.....

....except perhaps if you go to the yeovil
branch like we did today....

....because whilst we were waiting
for our air conditioning
to be fixed (hurrah!)....

...we discovered
just around the corner!

....oh what a joy....
...upcycled furniture, big retro lampshades,
vintage china, quirky touches....

....i just know you'd love it...

....we just stopped for a coffee
and ordered these delicious 
'LW's sweet treats'
(homemade coffee coconut ice and 
fruit and nut chocolate pieces..yummy!)

....then as if that wasn't enough to 
excite the squirrel...
trapeze artist barbies swinging from
the lampshade...

...and a boutique shop!!!
(pip studio, vintage style tea dresses, jewellery
and more stock on the way....)

...what a fabulous idea and 
the staff were all very welcoming and friendly....

....i couldn't resist this flamingo box
that will be used as a storage for 
my overflow fabric stash! pop in if you happen to be in yeovil..'ll probably see me there!



  1. Like the look of those cakes!

    1. they were very tasty....looking forward to sampling an evening menu!x

  2. HeHe! Have'nt we forgotten summat Miss Squirrel...!
    Yeovil is a fairly BIG place...
    I go on business from time to time...! :).

    Sooooo! Where is this lovely...Lovely place...?
    Would like to chase up that pink coffee pot...

    Oh! Hang on...I'll Google it....!!!!! :>).

    1. oh would love on the link on my post to find more info.....X

  3. Looks perfect! Definitely going to look it out next time I'm in the area. My favourite? Definitely the Barbies!
    P x

    ps - found you through Hettie's lovely blog

    1. ...the barbies were the icing on the cake so to speak! do pay a visit...lovely to have such an eclectic, stylish place in yeovil x (i love hettie's blog too!X)

  4. Looks fabulous - a vintage shop and cafe - perfect.

  5. Oh wow, wow, wow, what a brilliant place, yes yes i definalty need to go here and have cake and maybe even 'move in' if they will let me!....well, maybe not, but yes, its definaltly a pixie kinda place.....thanks so much for sharing this little diamond, ...and hope the ol' cars ok.xx

  6. Now this looks like my kind of cafe!!! What a brilliant place for a coffee and piece of cake :) x

  7. That looks amazing!!! I'd love to visit there - pity I'm so far away!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. Looks amazing!...I'd need more than one visit to take it all in

  9. Oh woweeeee....another reason to visit Yeovil?.....xxxx

  10. WOW! Some one here has real vision! We are opening a tea room with the Bumble Bee shop....I am thinking my 'boss' has this kind of concept for the look! Ooh I do hope so....Looks lie heaven to me! BIG Summery HUGS to you! Maria x

  11. What a fabulous sort of place.I can imagine having a nice cuppa and cake in there and then perusing all the other goodies about.

  12. wow that place is amazing!


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