Monday, 22 July 2013

......talent for textiles.........

last thursday, under the arches of the brownsword hall in poundbury,
the squirrel and lazy daisy enjoyed a fabulous morning
foraging for vintage treasure at the lovely
'talent for textiles' market
a cool breeze created an idyllic setting
which gently wafted through the amazing rails of quilts,
costumes and embroidered fabrics
we felt like we could've been in a French market!
we met the gorgeous alice (serious vintage frock envy)
from the homes and antiques magazine

and generally drooled at all the beautiful stalls..
...and wished we had endless funds to invest....
of course we did manage to tuck a few treats in our baskets
...I have always had a soft spot for a sailor...
....this amazing embroidery was found at
Liz van Hasselts  gorgeous 'washerwomans'stall......
.....where we also found this fabric.....
....but had to resist the shoes....(sob)...
.....and the nun statue which I rather fell in love with....
     ....a truly inspiring market...
.... and definitely one for the diary next time it comes to town!
don't forget to enter my giveaway...
winner to be announced on tuesday!
have a lovely weekend 


  1. What a perfect day out ... I love the shelves of vintage quilts ... and the statues remind me of ones my granny had ... wishing you a sunny weekend ... Bee xx

    PS Received my cat and she is perfect ... X

  2. What gorgeous things! Your taste and mine very definitely coincide - I would have been sooo wanting a pair of baby shoes (top left or bottom right? hard to choose!) and the nun, as well as already owning some very similar fabric!

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful day, it looks like there were some gorgeous things to buy.

  4. Wow it looks amazing x

  5. Oh wow, what a fantastic day out......Envy, with a capital E..X

  6. Squeals of such excitement......look at all that wonderful treasure........gorgeous!!!!! Oh I would have wanted the little shoes to.
    Love V

  7. Looks like a fantastic place,gorgeous treasures :)
    love the cot.xxxx

  8. Another lovely vintage and very jolly day out....much love, love, to you and yours
    Daisy.....see you soonest xxx

  9. Looks like an amazing day out. Lots of beautiful things. Alice's vintage dress is stunning x

  10. Another fabulous shopping day! Great finds, so adorable!

  11. Thank you for the mention, lovely to see you both last week. Lizzie x

  12. Oh how much fun does that look! You do seem always find the most gorgeous of treasures :-)

  13. Hello Lovely, nice to meet you and your beautiful blogg. I love your wonderful creations xxx

  14. Oh, oh and OH!! Am drooling here at all the loveliness ...

    Think the nun may be St Teresa, if I'm not mistaken ... Grew up with lots of Catholic statues around ... Really wish I'd squirrelled them away ....

    Fingers are crossed for the giveaway

    Love Claire xxx


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