Tuesday, 16 July 2013

...summer sunshine squirrel GIVEAWAY!

...if it wasn't so hot
you'd think it was christmas.....
....but i think this lovely weather
has put us bloggers in a jolly mood
for giveaways!!!

...i have been pondering a post
about mabel lucie attwell
for a long time....

...but being a bit of a lifelong fan
i didn't know where to start....

....i have been collecting anything 'mabel'
for years....
....i am so lucky to own this original watercolour....

....and i have some of the china...

....and dolls of course!

....so it seemed appropriate that my giveaway should be something very vanilla squirrel...

..so here is the gift up for grabs....

....a mabel lucie attwell plate...
....with a 'mla' magnet....
...a cath kidston squirrel(not vanilla)
 pin cushion....
....and some toadstool clothes plasters 

..to enter please be a follower and tell me what is your favourite thing?

i will pick a winner next tuesday 23rd july..
good luck!


  1. An original!...that's my fav. I have a MLA crying girl print supposed to be framing to sell but can't bear to part with her until she cheers up... top notch give away... lucky pants on again. EE xx

  2. I'm a happy follower!
    My children are my favourite thing! when my 2 red heads were tiny my mum always said they looked like Mabel Lucie Attwell children!! The little boy pushing the wheelbarrow is a perfect match for my youngest son 18 years ago!

  3. Love this giveaway! Loving the plate. Xxxx

  4. Oooooooooooooooh! Too many favourite things but today I think it's having a quiet little girl at school bring us all strawberries from her fruit patch and light up when the whole class said thank you - of course lemon meringue pie is a close second! Lovely giveaway x Jane

  5. ~Oh how jolly lovely of you, miss squirrel. May I be entered please and thank you....My favourite thing is drinking lady grey from a pretty china cup and popping in on my fav bloggy friends! It truly is...Take time to dream lovely YOU! hugs Maria x

  6. Ooh!! I'm a loyal and trusty follower, Miss Squirrel!! What a fantabulous giveaway, very generous and I love, love, love your collection.

    It would have been my lovely Mam's birthday next Tuesday, so I hope it's a lucky day for me ...

    I have many favourite things, family, friends, couldn't possibly choose ... so can I say birthdays are my favourite thing?

    Have a wonderful week ...

    Love Claire xxx

  7. What a lovely give-away, please count me in! I've only recently 'discovered' MLA and I have to say I'm smitten!

  8. Please could I be popped in the giveaway, I'd have to say my favourite thing was the clothes plasters, only because I have no idea what they are!!! But they look cute! :) x

  9. I follow Miss Squirrel's antics too .... My favourite thing at the moment is to lie in the cool green grass and look up at the gin blue sky ~ Sarah x

  10. Love , Love ,love that last little card with the fairies !
    Of course i always love the treasures here.
    Since I am so far across the pond I won"t enter , but I will clap wildly for whoever wins the treasures !

  11. Hello, please count me in!! I am a follower too.
    My favourite things....family, good friends, coffee and cake (the order can vary depending on the day!!!!)

  12. Ooooh mla - be still my beating heart, for it is true I also adore her! I found a book of hers recently with the Mabel dropped from her name! Lucie Atwell she is not. And how can I choose one favourite, as it is mla then they are all favourites (whispers please let it be me softly to herself)! X

  13. Oh my! What a beautiful giveaway! I had not realised I was not 'Following' (your posts do come up in my reading list though) but I have rectified that now...My favourite thing? I could go on forever, but for today it has been making up 'mix' CDs with my 16 year old daughter and her approving of many of my choices! Hope your day is happiness filled, just like your giveaway!

  14. wow what a fab giveaway! I have many favourite things (including raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens ...). Today, my favourite thing is my new hanging basket!

  15. lovely i love her work! I love your original the very best but also the dolls and the plate in the giveaway xxxx

  16. My favourite thing is a Jess Brown lookalike doll I made using recycled fabrics. I was so pleased with it I made another one, and perhaps another one will follow! The real thing would have been lovely but I couldn't afford it.
    I also love anything vintage and I must say I have fallen in love with that lovely Mabel Lucie Attwell plate.
    Thank you so much for letting me take part in your giveaway.

  17. What a lovely collection, very special
    Mable L A is such timeless character, I hold her in a very special place too
    Yes I would love to join in, thank you
    Thea xx

  18. oh oh oh...I have a very small Attwell collection that I cherish so the plate would be my choice - I grew up in Canada and my grandparents from the UK sent me my Attwell things...I am already a follower :)

  19. Please don't think me bad for turning up just when you have a giveaway. I've sat down for an hour to catch up on blogs as I haven't read for an age and then I see the delights of MLA. Like you I adore her work from childhood when I wished so hard that I could be in the book and play with the Boo's. I only have a hankie, books and a couple of tins as the china I've seen is so dear. I did bid for an amazing toadstool biscuit tin once but that got into big bucks so I backed off.
    I'm not sure if I'm a follower from the past or not so I'll go and check right away.

    What a lovely idea you know and very very generous too.

    Lisa X

  20. Thank you for your lovely blog comment Emma. Sunday was fab, there are a few (!) pix of Facebook. Love your MLA collection.... I have several collections...mannequin heads..soft toys..dolls house items....textiles..vintage clothes..to name a few!! See u at Poundbury tomorrow. Lizzie x

  21. My fave thing is Gin!!! and lots of it.... with ice and lemon please Miss Squirrel Hic


  22. What a lovely giveaway hon ... please include me :)
    My favourite thing will always be my little man, who I never thought I would have ... M x

  23. Hello, I love kewpie's too. I have one in my china cabinet. My fave is your plate. Thanks for the giveaway.

    (smjohns63 at yahoo dot com)

  24. What a generous giveawy, i am already a follower. My favourite thing is that beautiful illustration at the top of your page it just drew me in. I have never read the books and have only just discovered mla recently but i have fallen head over heels. I found one of her books at the boot sale last year but it was too expensive i am always looking out though. How lucky you are to have such a beautiful orginal! Thanks for the giveaway, sarah x

  25. Hello, I'm a big MLA fan too, love the illustrations she did for Peter Pan. My favourite thing in your post above is the boy pushing the wheelbarrow, I have a little tea plate (used to be my mum's) that probably is from the same set. It says "There was a little man, Lived in a caravan, his friends were the bunnies, And other such funnies." It is so sweet and one of my most treasured possessions. Please enter me for your giveaway for those lovely things, I am having one myself if you would like to enter. Love, Mrs RV x

  26. Oh wow what a beatiful giveaway! My favourite thing is my family who always comes first! My dad, my husband, my three boys and my two grandchildren
    Julie xxxxxxxxx

  27. I am really excited about this giveaway. I have three favourite things. Wellies, crochet and cows. (also happens to be the name of my blog)

  28. Ooo fabulous goodies, count me in please. My favourite thing today was waking up and realising it was the first day of the Summer hols :) x But normally my books (apart from the kiddiwinks of course!!) are my fave things x

  29. I have just popped by after visiting the lovely Lazy Daisy Jones, and how happy I am to have discovered your fab blog! I am smitten by all childhood things, your blog is enchanting! Please enter me in the contest - my fave thing is 'meeting' new creative friends in Blogland, I love how we all inspire each other! Chrissie x

  30. You have a wonderful collection, love the dolls the mostest! I'm a big fan too :) I've only managed to collect a few books so far, there's always hope...
    I would LOVE to enter into Your giveaway. My favourite thing is all the creativity and endless ideas for making and such kind people in bloggy land sharing it all . Thanks Lovey, Xxxxx

  31. Have only discovered you today through lazy daisy's post on your trip together so I don't think I really qualify to be entered for your give away when I'm sure you have others who have followed you for ages, but if you use one of those random fate number things then please do add me. I've loved MLA for years, you're very lucky to own a real illustration! just have a few postcards but wish I still had her hankies from when I was little! Will become a follower (this blog thing is a maze, you find one you like then find someone else through it, I'm going to end up spending all my time reading them). x

  32. Hi! I'm proud to be a follower of such a fun blog! My favorite thing (besides God, family, friends etc) is anything beachy! Mermaids! Shells! Sand! Sun! Love it! Thank you for a chance to win such cute things! Martha :)

  33. Your collection is gorgeous I especially love the plate! one of my favourite things is my garden and enjoying all the plants of grown!
    Rachel x

  34. Just found you via Lazy Daisy. I'm sure I'm too late for your giveaway. It doesn't matter. I love your MLA collection. My favourite thing (at the moment) is the yellow yarn I'm knitting with. It's the most gorgeous colour and I can't help nipping into the room where my knitting is to gaze at it at every opportunity!


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